Asahi M60 E1 SDX

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Asahi M60 E1 SDX

Post by Shadowbane on Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:44 pm

On the block is a mint condition
Asahi M60 E1 SDX
- The gun has:
2 rails
A 3x Magnifier
A Red Dot Scope

The loading tray holds 500 BB's, and loads 50 with each pull.

I have an external air setup for it,
for $190 extra
- In this remote air setup:
A Palmer's Male Stabilizer Regulator
A Ninja HPA Tank
PSI Gauge

The gun comes with the box,
2500 Airsoft Elite BB's

Please call (925) 285-6581
or Email

Gun: $1700

P.S. Original price (was) ¥92,000,000


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